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A science fair project is simply a way to structure answers to questions you have about your everyday experiences. That's it! We provide students with the recipe to satiate that curiosity. We all ask questions, so we are all well on our way to becoming scientists. We want to nurture your interest as students, parents, educators, and mentors. The CBSN youth science fair showcases some students who are pursuing those answers, and hopefully inspires you to take on your own project or mentor these burgeoning scientists. We want to inspire the next generation of Black scientists and it starts here. Please enjoy the projects and provide support to the students to ensure they're encouraged to continue their search for answers. Who knows, you may be speaking to the future first Black Nobel prize winner in Physics, Chemistry, Biology!

Tyra Obadan

Racial Disparities in the detection of Breast Cancer

In the United States on average 1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime. The detection of the sickness is a major factor in the treatment of a patient. In black women, the possibilities of late detection are higher than in most other ethnicities. Late breast cancer detection can lead to more aggressive forms of cancer, such as triple-negative breast cancer. In this project, I researched the reasons behind why this occurs and the biological, and non-biological factors that contribute to it. It is very important that we recognize the non-biological factors that contribute to late detection, such as cultural bias and stigma since we can prevent these within the black community.

Gigi Adetunji & Shornelle Halstead 


What makes a mask a good one? One that will keep you safe in the pandemic, perhaps? Our SMART Mask can answer that question with its state-of-the-art temperature and humidity sensor. Best of all, it has a Bluetooth feature that allows for wireless communication with your smart device through a downloadable app. The app interacts with the sensor in your mask to get the temperature and humidity in real-time. We will then provide guidelines for the temperature threshold that potentially blocks viruses. When it comes to selecting masks, we want our customers to have the option for one that protects them from viruses. Our device could save your life and others you care about because we all need to make our mask choices a little smarter in these crucial moments.

Munir Al-Taher

Creating a capture system to clean space debris

Over the past decades, space has become more accessible to more people. With such accessibility, the number of satellites orbiting the earth skyrocketed, as well as the amount of debris in space.

These space debris pose a problem, they travel at dangerously high speeds increasing the chances of a collision which in term would create even more space debris, and crowd up earth's lower orbit. Some solutions are being looked into at the moment, but the cost is highly expensive and would burn the satellite as well as the space debris in the atmosphere.

In my science fair project, I have decided to create a satellite that would capture the space debris and return them safely to the Earth to be recycled. By doing the Earths lower atmosphere would be cleared up as well as the space debris would be recycled

Naomi Adebowale-Akinbulu 


My goal is to develop an app that will increase student engagement in mathematics by helping them to think about the real-life applications of the mathematical concepts that they learn. I am excited about this project because I want students like me to learn how to make mathematics a part of their everyday life.

Use MathPass to make mathematics Real!

Ebunoluwa Akitobi

How can music affect animal behavior?

Generally, it has been seen that music can affect the emotional state of human beings and that of animals. However, to capture the effect of music on animals, there need to be an understanding of different sounds that each species of the animals responds to, including the pitch, frequency and tone of the music. It is well known that different types of have different levels of effect on animals , this project focused on how parrot will respond to the sound of calm and classical music. Identified that, most parrots respond to calm and classical music better than any other genre of music.

Emtenan Al-Taher

Does the kind of mask I wear really matter?

What kind of mask should I be wearing? 

I have found myself asking this question for the past nearly 2 years of this ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

Cloth (double and triple-layered), surgical, KN95 and N95 masks were all recommended at some point by health officials.

With changing recommendations on which mask I should be wearing, I have begun to be confused and lost.

This study is a means to figure out which type of mask is the most effective in reducing transmission of COVID-19.

Munder Al-Taher

Soil Moisture: Automatic Water Dispenser

The Automatic Water Dispenser is a device that automatically dispenses water depending on the level of moist. Giving the amount of water needed for the plant, placed at an accurate amount. This device needs no hands or manual work. Due to its efficacy, it can be used for areas over the world to assist in drought and unsustainable areas. Its purpose is to encourage and help grow plants. By helping keep our natural environment clean. By sustaining the plants in our homes and environments. This project is not just based for home plants but can be used for more urban growth.

Sara Bregaw

Mental Wellbeing of Youth during the Pandemic

I noticed my friends and other people around me act different since the pandemic began. What they wear, how they talk, how much enthusiasm they use, has all been effected in a negative way. That's one of the reason why I wanted to research mental wellbeing. 
I used a Google Forms to collect data. 
I learnt that youth went through many different mental hardships during the pandemic that were caused by the pandemic. 
Mental health is a very critical part of our health and should be taken care of at all times. 

Gia Daniels & Zoe Ekhaguere

Refill itself Water Bottle

We decided to research more about how to create a refill itself water bottle. “What is that?” you might ask?
The refill itself water bottle is a bottle that will track how often you drink, warn you when the bottle is nearly empty, and monitor how full it is. Over the course of months, we researched various programs and sensors that would work best for our idea and selected the capacitive sensing method.

Mohamed Hamed

An investigation on the effect of temperature on a soccer ball's bounce

As someone who has played soccer for their whole life and has a strong passion towards it, I have always been curious of how the temperature we play soccer in affects the ball we play with. This is why I decided to investigate how temperature affects how high a soccer ball bounces. To investigate this, I used the same ball to measure how high the ball bounces in 3 different temperatures; hot, cold and room temperature. I dropped the ball with the different temperatures 5 times from the same drop height and recorded the highest bounce, so I can calculate the average height in each temperature. I found that the hotter the ball was, the higher it bounced, due to the pressure and energy of the gas molecules in the ball. This is important because soccer players could benefit from this research as they could play better in games. 

Amina Hassan & Imani Reid

Risk Investigation

For our project, we decided to research what factors caused countries to be more at risk to covid-19 than others, and what caused some to recover faster. To do this, we compared current global hotspots to each other and compared countries that previously had high covid cases but are now recovering quickly. Since we had originally created Our project in the Summer of 2021 we decided to add updated information and graphing data including the new omicron variant and new vaccines for children 5 and up. Or graphs also feature more current covid case counts, the last count being on January 17th, 2020.

Noah N'Da

The Mysterious Behavior Of Supercooled Water

Hi! My name is Noah N'Da and I go to l'École Secondaire du Sommet in Halifax, Nova Scotia. It is a French middle school where I study primarily in French. My project is about flash freezing, and today I will show each and every step I followed to make this phenomenon happen. This peculiar reaction occurs when the water inside a bottle is ''supercooled''; which means that the water is below its usual freezing point... but the liquid is yet to turn into a solid! At this point, just a tap on the bottle will cause it to freeze in the blink of an eye. Personally, I found that very fascinating and I will be happy to share my results on how to accomplish this COOL experiment!