Stem Gamification

Moderated by Imhotep’s Legacy Academy (Halifax, Nova Scotia)  

About the activity:

Do you know the African descended innovators that have charted the course for subsequent generations in STEM?

During this session there will be problem-solving with mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology concepts using Kahoot. Through collaboration, communication and critical thinking with peers across Canada, you will be actively engaging in furthering your knowledge. Through this session you will have the oppportunity to see the application of concepts as it relates to troubleshooting real-world phenomena.


Come join us, discover and ignite your hidden potential in STEM.

How does Spotify make playlists automatically?

Moderated by PURSUE STEM (Toronto, ON)  

About the activity:

We'll explore how streaming services like Spotify use information about the songs you like to create personalized playlists. This activity is a crash course in python coding and fun! No experience necessary & appropriate for all ages.


We'll use Google Colab to run python scripts. Instructions and code supplied at


Hosted by the Pursue STEM facilitators, PhD students at the University of Toronto in chemistry, Ethan Lee, and in physics, Daniella Angulo Murcillo and Darby Bates.

A Metaverse Mindset

Moderated by Ethos Lab (Vancouver, BC)  

About the activity:

In this session Students will learn about the Metaverse and have a chance to explore the Virtual Reality worlds of Ethos Lab : Atlanthos, Sushi Island and the Emancipation Gallery. They will also get a chance to see what has been created by the Ethos Lab community. We will provide links to resources and tools that the youth can use to build and interact in their own virtual environments.


Youth will need access to a Laptop and Stable internet connection. Spaces can be accessed Via Mobile phone and performance is diminished if accessing on IPAD.

Guess the Scientist

Moderated by Visions of Science (Toronto, ON)

About the activity:

In this session, students will learn about different scientists through an interactive activity inspired by a classic board game ‘Guess Who’. Each round will begin with a selected student impersonating a well know figure in STEM,  the rest of the participants will have the opportunity to ask yes or no questions to aid in discovering who the student is impersonating. Participants will have a total of 3 minutes to make their guesses. When the timer is up, the selected student will reveal who they were impersonating. Each round will end with a brief history and fun facts about the scientists as well as some important projects they have contributed to. Rounds are expected to last 5-6 minutes. 
No additional tech or set up is required for this game.

Bringing STEM to Life at the Lassonde School of Engineering

Moderated by K2i academy (Toronto, ON)

About the activity:

Connect with the k2i academy to learn about great opportunities in Engineering! Learn how STEM is brought to life, to create innovative solutions to real-world problems. Join us in a conversation with Dr. Solomon Boakye-Yiadom to learn about his career, his journey as a creator, and his curiosity that keeps him up at night. 

Dr. Solomon Boakye-Yiadom is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at York University. His education and training spans material science, mechanical, biomechanical and aerospace engineering. Let's explore the world of engineering - from space to the very small to the human body!