BE-STEMM Organizing Committee

The organizing committee is pleased to welcome you to BE-STEMM 2023.

Learn more about the Canadian Black Scientists Network members by clicking here.

Prof. Maydianne Andrade

University of Toronto

Prof. Kevin Hewitt

Partnership Lead
Dalhousie University

Tamara Franz Odendaal

Lead Ally
Mt. St. Vincent University

Prof. Kiven Erique Lukong

University of Saskatchewan

Prof. Juliet Daniel

McMaster University

Prof. Loydie Jerome-Majewska

Academic Program Officer
McGill University

Dr. Kimberley Gauthier

Academic Program Officer
McGill University

Prof. Jennifer Adams

STEMM Education Lead
University of Calgary

Dr. Olivier Leogane 

Francophone liason
École de technologie supérieure

Dr. Toyib (Olan) Olaniyan

Statistics Canada Liaison
Statistics Canada

Ingrid Um Nlend

Communications Officer
Director of Research & Innovation

Prof. Jude Kong

Regional Node Lead
York University

The organizing committee thanks the following people for their work with different aspects of the conference:

BE-STEMM Beyond Borders (Leadership summit)

Working group Co-Chairs:
Trevor Charles (Leadership panel)
Chinyere Eunice Nwafor-Okoli (Leadership panel)
Karine Morin (Policy Panel)
Michelle McFarlane (Policy Panel)
Anuli Ndubuisi (Post-secondary Panel)

Tasha Zephirin (Post-secondary Panel)
Darren Butler
(Post-secondary Panel)
Glory Ovie
(Post-secondary Panel)
D’Andre Wilson-Ihejirika (Post-secondary Panel)
Ti’Era Worsley (K-12 Pathways Panel)
Haley Matthews (K-12 Pathways Panel)
Timi Idris
(K-12 Pathways Panel)  
David Bailey (K-12 Pathways Panel)  

Larissa Vingilis-Jaremko (K-12 Pathways Panel) Lisa Cole (K-12 Pathways Panel)
Karen Hudson
(K-12 Pathways Panel) 

Black Engineers of Canada (Career Fair, Fundraising)

Ayo Abiola
Vice President, Black Engineers of Canada

Yomi Ojutalayo
Director of Partnerships, Black Engineers of Canada

Scientific Program Committee 

Kimberley Gauthier, Co-Chair
Jeffrey Webster, Member
Eddia Solas, Member
Patricia Edem, Member
Loydie Jerome-Majewska, Co-Chair
Jennifer Adams, Member, Leadership Summit Chair