Dr. Catherine L. Quinlan

Associate Professor
Science Education Department of Curriculum and Instruction at Howard University


Dr. Catherine L. Quinlan is Associate Professor in Science Education in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction at Howard University. She graduated from Teachers College, Columbia University with her doctorate in Science Education. Prior to Howard University, Dr. Quinlan taught high school biology and chemistry for sixteen years. Currently, she prepares Howard undergraduate and graduate students in science education methods and education
foundations. Dr. Quinlan was funded by the National Science Foundation to create culturally representative STEM curricula and products for the K-12 setting. Dr. Quinlan has made it her goal to bridge theory and practice and is committed to creating practical curriculum products with Black representation for the classroom. Dr. Quinlan is one of two program consultants for the new  National Geographic Program, the first high school biology program to include diverse scientist explorers. Her desire for practical products led her to capitalize on her science and cultural understandings in her new chapter book series for elementary aged students, Keystone Passage. Her recent publications, Emergent themes and pragmatic research methods for meaningful cultural representation of Blacks in multimedia products for the science classroom and Creating an Instrument to Measure Social and Cultural Self-efficacy Indicators for Persistence of HBCU Undergraduates in STEM capitalizes on her expertise in interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research.